HomeSense has garnered wide acclaim for its effectiveness and unique design. From a mention on
Good Morning America, to the accolades of Akron's Mayor, there is high praise for the HomeSenser.

In October 2004, Lee Eisinger was one of 10 world-wide recipients awarded the daVinci Award celebrating universal design and technology that benefit persons with disabilities from the Engineering Society of Detroit and the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Michigan.

Akron Posts Strong Figures
- Akron Beacon Journal - 10.06 - CLICK HERE to download the PDF, with photos

Columbus CEO
- 9.05

Northern Ohio Live
- 5.05

Invented Locally, Produced Locally, Benefits Globally
- DESIGNFAX - 2.05

Akron Inventor Honored with da Vinci Award
- City of Akron - 10.04

New Safety Device to Aid Elderly - Crain's Cleveland Business - 9.04

HomeSaver Enterprises Introduces New Product Manufactured in Akron
- City of Akron - 8.04

Tips for teaching cooking safety to children:

Parents should:

  • Supervise children in the kitchen and keep an eye on food cooking.
  • Teach them to turn pot handles inward so they can’t be pulled down.
  • Tell them to keep the range top free of anything that burns, including towels and paper products.
  • Do not let children play around the range or other hot appliances.
  • Make sure children know how and when to call emergency services.

“Cooking Safety: Children See,
Children Do”
For more information, go to www.appliance.com.

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