When her granddaughter called from college to talk about the holidays, Kay just wasn't herself. She kept repeating herself and wasn't making sense. Concerned, her granddaughter called back a few minutes later to see if her behavior had improved. When the second phone call achieved the same result, she immediately called her mother, Melinda (read testimonial below). Since Kay is diabetic and her apartment was 30 minutes away, Melinda called the nurse at the community where her mother-in-law lives and asked them to check on her. Unfortunately, Kay was having a a diabetic episode and needed immediate assistance. Fortunately, medical intervention occurred in time to prevent long-term problems. It was also fortunate that Kay's children had purchased the HomeSenser for her electric stove the previous year. Kay was cooking when she became disoriented and the stove automatically shut-off when she didn't respond during the warning stage.

Homesenser has given me peace of mind and has given Mom a sense of pride. The decision to move Mom to Assisted Living was a hard one. She still wanted to be able to have her own kitchen and the opportunity to cook. The worry of Mom leaving the stove on and causing a fire was a real concern for all of us. She now has the choice of eating in the community dining room or making something herself without the worries.
Homesenser has made this life transition easier.



Deaths due to fires caused by cooking are particularly preventable.

- U.S. Fire Administration

People with Health Issues, Disabilities,
and their Caregivers

People with health issues are typically fiercely independent and do not wish to alter their lives from those of the general public.

People with disabilities should be more cautious because of physical limitations and a decreased ability to react in an emergency.

The HomeSenser provides an audible alert for the visually impaired and visual cues using the colors of traffic lights for the hearing impaired.

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