HomeSense Enterprises is dedicated to providing quality products and service to assist individuals in maintaining their independence in a safer environment while preserving their quality of life.

“Mother was the necessity of invention” when Lee Eisinger set out to build a device that would allow his aging mother to cook safely in her own home.  He never imagined he would be creating a new method of fire prevention for others.   The U.S. Fire Administration has plans to meet the needs of specific groups it has identified – young children, older adults, people with disabilities - as being the most “at risk” groups for fire-related accidents.  These are the very groups Lee Eisinger hoped to assist when he built the first HomeSenser.

As caregiver for a mother-in-law with Alzheimer’s disease, Deborah Eisinger was faced with the heartache and practical problems that are often associated with this disease.  Lee and his wife became dedicated to preserving his mother’s independence, while at the same time keeping her safe.  HomeSense Enterprises was born from this need and has broadened to include apartment complexes, both public and private, group homes, and homes with young children, older adults, and people with disabilities.

During development, local housing organizations as well as fire safety experts were included to better understand the needs and concerns of the housing industry. 

Lee’s invention has been recognized regionally and nationally.  See “Our Press Room” for more details. 

Lee and Deborah Eisinger are proud to say the HomeSenser is MADE in the USA.  HomeSense Enterprises, LLC  is headquartered in Akron, Ohio.



According to the
U.S. Fire Administration:
The Overall Fire Picture - 2004
(most recent data from USFA)

• There were 3,900 civilians that lost their lives as the result of fire.

• There were 17,785 civilian injuries that occurred as the result of fire.

• There were 117 firefighter killed while on duty.

• Fire killed more Americans than all natural disasters combined.

• 83% of all civilian fire deaths occurred in residences.

• Less than 1.6 million fires were reported. Many others went unreported, causing additional injuries and property loss.

• Direct property loss due to fires was estimated at $9.8 billion.

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